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Is your hair frizzy and damaged? Are you tired of straightening your hair in the morning just to have flyaways by lunch? Trend 28 offers a variety of hair treatments to relax and condition your hair. This way, your hair can stay luxurious and beautiful while remaining healthy. We offer gorgeous Brazilian blowouts to help you fight your frizz fabulously. Our hair salon specializes in designer styles so that you can tame your mane at an affordable price. A blowout will straighten your hair and make it stylishly smooth, so you don’t have to worry about messy frizz and flyaways. We also offer a silk press service similar to the traditional “press and curl” method. We can straighten your hair out using a flat iron to give you a natural, flowing look. The silk press is a reliable way to straighten your hair without having to use chemicals. We have the tools and expertise needed to give you beautiful, flowing, straight hair. Make everyone else jealous with the most natural-looking straight hair. Our beauty salon has everything you need when it comes to natural hair care. We can keep your hair under control and deliver a quick and easy straightening experience with our hair relaxing service. Book your appointment with us in San Diego, CA, today.