Image by Tammie Allen


If you’re looking to color your hair, Trend 28 can help you with all your hair coloring needs. Whether you want subtle highlights or lowlights or a drastic complete color change, our hair coloring service can make your hair any color you desire. Our beauty salon only uses high-quality products to ensure that your hair receives the best care. We offer a variety of services and products that fit any budget and lifestyle. Every hairstylist at our salon is experienced with mixing and applying color to any hair type, so you can trust us to treat your natural hair properly.  Our stylists are proficient at getting the precise color to match your expectations when it comes to coloring. Whether you want a natural hue or every color of the rainbow, your hair will look vibrant and beautiful. We also offer hair color corrections if you have undergone the unfortunate event of drastically bad hair coloring. We can restore your hair’s health with deep conditioning and return it to your original color or a color of your choice after it has been discolored by harsh dyes or sun bleaching. You can trust your hair care in our reliable hands. Come visit our Black-owned beauty salon in San Diego, CA, for all your hair color needs!